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Are you searching for an original costume to dress up your kid this Halloween? What about the classic Disney animation character Pinocchio!

Pinocchio is a small wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy. He was carved out of wood by an Italian carpenter, Geppeto, and is given a chance to come to life. Pinocchio, now alive, but still made of wood, needs to prove that he has a good heart and is true and honest, and he will be made into a real-life boy. Pinocchio is a lot like an infant, new to the world, and curious about everything he sees. He goes to school, and despite a series of unfortunate events, in the end he fulfils his dream and becomes a real boy. That’s why a Pinocchio Costume makes a special and unique Halloween costume.

Welcome to PinocchioCostume.Com, the web’s number one source for finding and accessorizing the best Pinocchio costumes anywhere.  You don’t need a ‘nose’ for fashion in order to really enjoy becoming Pinocchio for a day.  The Pinocchio costume is enjoyed by children ages one to ninety-nine, since it is a classic tale of a marionette puppet who wants with every fiber in his wooden body to become a “real boy”.

One thing that you should consider when choosing a Pinocchio costume for you or your child is how much activity you will be involved in when wearing it.  Since Pinocchio is a marionette, most Pinocchio costumes have strings that run from above the head to each hand and foot.  This can be cumbersome for really young children. This may not be the best costume for kids who can’t play the part for hours on end, since they may get bored with the way that the costume restricts them. You can always go for a less authentic-looking Pinocchio costume that doesn’t have these strings, however.

Another thing to think about when choosing your Pinocchio costume is comfort and warmth.  In many areas of the country, it is cold during October, when kids are trick-or-treating.  Choose a Pinocchio costume that is made of warm materials, or opt to put on thermal knit “long john” style underwear beneath the costume when the child is outside exposed to the elements.

Other Pinocchio characters that you might consider if you are going as a group or a family include Gepetto (Pinocchio’s creator), Blue Fairy (Pinocchio’s helper), the blue Fairy (who initially brings Pinocchio to life), Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio’s conscience), Figaro (Gepetto’s cat) and Cleo (Gepetto’s goldfish).  There are other minor characters that can be used for larger groups who also want to dress in Pinocchio character costumes.

One of the most iconic images of Pinocchio is known from the animated Walt Disney film about the little wooden boy. This version of the Pinocchio costume is great for Halloween and some versions include a harness with a crossbar which supports itself and keeps the puppet strings up using a small rod. You can get the vest, the hat, the white gloves and the brown shoe covers that offer an authentic Pinocchio look. Costumes are available in sizes to fit both children and adults.

There is no way in going wrong when choosing the Pinnochio costume for you kid. It fulfils a childhood fantasy that everyone should enjoy on Halloween.

Fun facts about the Pinocchio character

1. The first appearance of the character Pinocchio was in 1883.

2. The cat Figaro in the animation is an invention of Walt Disney.

3. Pinocchio is actually a Tuscan word that means Pine Nut

4. Pinocchio made cameo appearances in all of the Shrek movies

5. The rapper Kanye West, actually composed a song called Pinocchio Story

6. There is also a comic book with both Pinocchio and Geppetto as characters, called Fables

Feel like being a bit naughty? Feel like playing the bad boy today? Or simply want to feel like Pinocchio at this Halloween’s? The Pinocchio costume is the perfect costume to make you look like the bad chocolate boy of the year!

The Pinocchio costume is available for men, young boys and there is even a version for women. Each of the costume ensembles are unique and bring out the true character of Pinocchio. The Pinocchio costume is definitely the perfect costume to storm the party in a subtle yet completely classy way.

The Pinocchio costume for young boys is a really adorable costume. The Pinocchio costume comes with a jumpsuit, waistcoat and a cap. The Pinocchio costume jumpsuit is really adorable. It is made of entirely 100% polyester. The jumpsuit has a zip or Velcro at the back to accommodate fastening. The jumpsuit has mainly two colours which are blue and yellow. An outline of the red fasteners on a yellow shirt is on the jumpsuit. The Pinocchio costume jumpsuit has buttons and detailing on it. There is also a white apron like thing around the shoulders and a huge blue bow at chest level. The waistcoat is a bright blue and completes the gorgeous look of Pinocchio. The cap that completes the entire outfit is bright blue with yellow and red trimmings.

The perfect completion of the Pinocchio costume is the accessories and the make-up. The costume is never perfect without a stick on pseudo nose which is the signature of Pinocchio. The Pinocchio costume requires make-up to completely create the perfect look. Face paint of white colour is perfect for plastering all over the face. Red face paint should be applied at the cheeks to make the perfect look. Add to this black shiny shoes to complete the Pinocchio costume.

Who can forget the Disney classic, Pinocchio?  The lovable, innocent boy who comes into the World as a puppet, full of wonder and curiosity, learns the truth of the world the hard way. With the power of the Blue Fairy, Pinocchio is given life to become the son of the man who created him.  In attempts to become a real boy, Pinocchio tries hard to become a good boy but is strayed by temptations brought about by different companies.  After several incidences, Pinocchio lands himself in a lot of trouble.  HIs father spent many sleepless nights searching for him and they finally meet inside the belly of a whale.  Pinocchio risks his life for his father and the Blue Fairy awards him.  After his great deed, he finally turned into a real boy.

This story is familiar to many, especially those who grew up watching Disney films.  As a child, many can learn from this story.  For this Halloween why not let your boy experience what it is like to be Pinocchio in his wooden form.  Pinocchio costumes are sold everywhere and can be found when searched for.   It may only be imaginary but children’s minds work in mysterious ways.  They can really develop a sense of attachment to the character they are playing and that will make their Halloween experience even better.

Share your childhood stories with your children so they can learn the values that you have learned.  Princesses and princes are not the only Disney characters that could be portrayed.  There are many characters to choose from among the many Disney movies out there.  Let your child stand out among the prince and princess costumes.  Try not to follow the usual trend to give them a different experience this Halloween season.   A Pinocchio costume is a good start.

Keeping Your Little Pinocchio Comfortable

Pinocchio costumes are a top choice for kids, since this is one of the world’s most favorite tales. However, it is important to remember that it is not warm in most parts of the country during Halloween, and sometimes it can be very cold outside when Trick-or-Treat night rolls around. In fact, in some areas of the country, it sometimes snows by Halloween! For this reason, it is important for you to be sure that you dress your little Pinocchio warmly under this Pinocchio costume. After all, you can be sure that he won’t enjoy himself if he is too cold.

The Right Fit for Your Pinocchio Costume

Pinocchio’s nose may grow when he tells a like, but his costume will not! That’s why it is important to get the right size the first time when you are ordering your Pinocchio costume. Go by the size chart when ordering the costume of your choice. Measure your height, weight, waist, torso, chest and hips. Do these measurements stack up to the measurements in the chart? If so, your costume will fit. If not, you need to order the size that fits your measurements. Another important measurement for your Pinocchio costume is your inseam, which runs from the crotch down the inner thigh to the hem. Make a note of these measurements before shopping to make things a bit easier and to ensure good fit.

Let your child bring to life his childhood character Pinocchio – the little puppet boy who just wanted to be a boy. At Pinocchio Costumes, you can dress up your little boy with the pointy green hat, the shorts and shoes and have the strings attached to his wrists and ankles. This is one costume that cuts across age groups and goes from infants all the way to old men who still feel young at heart. This is also a flexible costume, because it can work for a Halloween or a winter one, depending on where in the world you are. The materials are interchangeable and convenient.

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